Miharu Amatsuka (天使 海晴 Amatsuka Miharu) is the first daughter. She is 18 years old 

and college freshman. She works as a weather reporter. When her mother is not at home, she takes on the role of head of the family. She is very close to her youngest sister Asahi Amatsuka, showing in the anime that she takes care of her the most.

Appearance Edit

Miharu outfit

Miharu's outfit

Miharu has long caramel hair that reaches her lower back with a pair of green eyes. Starting of the anime, she is shown wearing a light green top with a knee length pink skirt. She has a pink bag with two white strips at the top and she is wearing a pair of earring with a small red ball on each. 

Her bikini is the same color as her shirt with two yellow bows on the sides of the bottom and the straps are yellow too which also has a bow.

Personality Edit

Being the oldest daughter of the family, Miharu tends to have that responsible and motherly personality.